I experimented making fake blood, for the South African market, meaning the ingredients.  This is my recipe:

The Ingredients:

1 x Cup of sugar

3/4 Cup water

1/4 Teaspoon Maizena

1 Teaspoon Coco

1 Teaspoon red crimson food colouring


Place sugar and water in pot, boil until syrupy. Wait until cool, ad Maizena for thickness and coco for darkness. Then add the red crimson food colouring. For a darker colour add a little bit of blue food colouring.

Example of Fake Blood:





According to the experts this is how you make a low budget horror film.
(Full article on ehow)


    • 1

      Figure out what kind of budget you have to work with, and plan your film around it. Decisions must made early on regarding what type of horror film you can afford to make. Above all, do a high estimate of costs to avoid going over budget.

    • 2

      Find a good script that you can work with, or write one yourself. A decent script is the backbone of any film, and this is no exception with horror movies. You can spend all your time on blood and gore, but without a good plot and believable characters your audience won’t care. Keep your locations to a minimum, and make sure you have access to locations. Get creative, and avoid the typical clichés found in the horror genre.

    • 3

      Cast your film according to the script you have chosen. If you’ve decided to make a campy, cheesy horror film, grab any actors who are willing to follow you on this journey for little to no pay. However, if you’ve chosen the high-concept horror script that depends on quality actors, then take the time (and what money you can afford) to nab the best actors you can find.

    • 4

      Purchase or rent a decent video camera that you are comfortable using. Some great horror movies have been shot on video instead of film, which is far more expensive. Research all of the cameras that are in your budget, and be sure to account for all of the filming situations called for in your script such as low lighting or wide angle shots. Back in the days of “Clerks” and “Reservoir Dogs,” all action was shot on film and if you lived in places like Boise, Idaho, you were screwed because no one rented pro-level cameras. But now, almost every small-budget indie film is being shot on handheld digital hi-fi cameras-you can get a great rig at your local electronics store-you don’t even have to rent them anymore, you can just buy them. The other advantage to digital is no traditional film, and you can ask any film producer and they’ll agree, film will drain your budget almost immediately. With digital, you can shoot and erase whenever you want.

    • 5

      Gather the materials needed for your special effects and make-up. Fake blood is easy to make with most recipes that you’ll find on the Internet consisting of food coloring and corn syrup. Get creative with your effects, like using ground beef to simulate mutilated flesh or condoms full of fake blood to simulate intestines and entrails.

    • 6

      Storyboard your film, and create a feasible shooting schedule that works for your cast and crew. Many horror movies are set at night so you need to account for some late night shooting schedules.

    • 7

      Edit your film using one of the computer-based editing programs out on the market today. Make sure to set the tone of your horror film during the editing process. If the indie film you produced was shot on film (and if you’re a smart producer, it was), you don’t even need to rent an editing bay. If you have a good computer (it has to be a Mac in this case), you can load it with Apple’s Final Cut Pro. You’ll be able to professionally edit your film with synched sound and everything–it’s an amazing program. It’s a little difficult to learn at first, but if you can master it, you’re in business. It’s also expensive and if you don’t have a Mac, you can rent a editing suite with a Final Cut Pro rig and rent by the hour, day or week.


As I am nearing the end of my script, I am starting to think about actors. I know I am still far from casting. First I must get some money and then there is the pre- production stuff, etc. I still do not have a clue  how I’m going to get the money, but I’m sure it’ll come to me. But,  I can’t help wondering,if I maybe bit off to much. The problem is not finding actors, I think, but the problem is finding actors, willing to take off their clothes, to get fake blood poured all over them, having to wait hours for make-up and so and so on. South Africa still seems very conservative when it comes to nudity.  It is acceptable to the  South African public for overseas stars to go nude. But let one of their own do it, then they become hyenas – hooooho, hooooho  (Casper Devries – Comedy sketch).  Overseas stars are also getting paid lots for what they are doing and when they get nude, it is because the nudity in the scene is justified, and portrays the emotion of the character and all that mumbo jumbo! in other words Crap! The  has-beens do it because they need to get back in the limelight.

The reason for nudity in B-movies is obvious, if their is no nudity, you loose 50% of your audience. Do yourself a favour, upload a clip on Youtube and call it “Boobs” or “Nudity”, the clip can contain anything, ant farming, how to trim your nose hairs, but I bet you will get more hits on that clip than all the others you uploaded. Their is no motivation or character development or any of the other reasons, directors like to use when they ask their stars to go nude. The nudity in B-Horror movies and the blood in B-Horror movies, go hand in hand, it looks good and the more the better.

The actual point I am trying to make,  is,  is their anybody in South Africa that will star in a B-Grade movie, work six to seven days ( 4 weekends), take off their cloths in front of the camera, for R3000.00?, Oh yes, and act.


This site (Indywood Movie Project) was brought to my attention by James – The B-Horror Blog. For those who do not know what fan based funding is, this site will explain.


Since I started this blog, back in August, I realised that it would be easier to start this project in America or Canada. Their seem to be more support for B-Movie projects in America and even in England. I have not heard of anybody attempting anything like this in South Africa. So what I need is more publicity, more followers on my blog, more input from local people. To achieve that , I will have to come up with incentives for people to join and there is  no better incentive than money or free stuff. To the three followers I have: you can leave a comment if you think it is a good idea or bad idea!


Red Riding Hood and The Wolf Man Storyboard

Wendy and Professor Taylor s Murder Scene



Video Transcript

Hi I’m Shaun O’Rourke with Eleven Bravo Productions. I’m an independent film and television producer and I’m here at Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina and I am going to show you how to make fake blood. So there is two different ways to make fake blood and I’m going to let you know what some of the supplies you are going to need right off the bat. The first thing, vinyl gloves. Some people are allergic to latex so just to avoid that altogether go ahead and get vinyl gloves. It’s very important because blood can get messy depending on what kind of shot and what you’re trying to do. Food coloring, you can buy any standard food coloring you need but you need three colors. You need red, you need yellow, and you need green. Most people make the mistake of just using red and then their product comes out looking all bright in color and it looks really fake so in order to get the real good dark color you want green, you want yellow and you want red. The first way we’re going to show you how to do it is with Karo syrup. One it’s edible, two it doesn’t taste too bad so if you had to have it coming out of someone’s mouth or some zombie effect or somebody was throwing up blood or something like that this is the best stuff to do. You mix this together with some red, with some green and with some yellow and you’re going to get some blood and I’ll show you how much of what in just a second. The second way to make fake blood, same principle, same things apply but what you want to get is you want to get hypoallergenic clothing detergent, clear, hypoallergenic clothing detergent and what you are going to do it’s the same principle. You are going to add the product to it, you are going to mix it up but the key to this one is, you are using the detergent because you are going to put blood all over the actor on his clothes. Well let’s say for example if you are doing an independent film and you need a pick up shot, but he only had one shirt, well the fact that you used detergent means it will clean out perfectly and the shirt will look brand new. So that’s one of those little techniques that a lot of people don’t apply when they are doing an independent film but you know it today. If your consistency is a little too thick just make sure you add a little bit of water. Now if you are going to apply these products to an actor make sure you do a test maybe on a leg or a place that’s not going to be seen on camera to see if there is any kind of allergic reaction to the food coloring or to the Karo syrup or if you are using the clothing detergent. Just make sure you test it first and find out all the information you can from your actors on what kind of allergies they might have and there you go. I’m Shaun O’Rourke with Eleven Bravo Productions and I showed you how to make fake blood.


So far on the journey to make the B-Horror Movie, I have finished 30 pages of the script, which will eventually be 90 pages. That will make the movie approx. one and a half hours long, if the theory is correct,  that one page equals one minute of screen time. The plan is to finish the script, middle October to end October and in the mean time experiment with special effects, mainly,  how to create buckets  of blood.  When the script is completed the plan is to do the following:


1  Set up a budget

2  Look for investors (It will be more like giving to charity, there will be no return on investment )

3  Find a crew (That will work for peanuts)

4  Cast the movie (Actors that will work for peanuts)

5  Find location and props (Friends with houses and things)

6  Film the movie (Mainly over weekends)

7  Edit the captured footage

8  Produce DVD and promote on Youtube

9  Market and sell on Amazon

10  Wait and rake in the money

11  Make another movie with all the money I’m going to make from the first one.

12 Wait for pigs to fly

As you can tell, the whole movie making thing is not for financial gain, but miracles sometimes happen. You can say this is one of those things on my bucket list. I have decided to do it,  and I am going to do it,  and it will be done. As far as I can tell, it looks like I will be the first Amateur B-Horror movie maker in South Africa or at least the first in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.


The completed B-Reel Logo: